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Laysan Albertovna Utyasheva  (head. Lysan Albert Kygy Utyasheva; June 28, 1985, Raevsky, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) – Russian athlete, Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, pupil of the Honored Coach of Russia Alla Yanina, multiple winner of Russian world and international competitions, six-time champion European champion, European champion in the team event (2002), winner of the 2001/02 World Cup, winner of the 2002 CIS and Baltic Youth Games. The author of four original elements bearing her name (in particular, “Utyasheva’s stand”). International Ambassador of the Olympic Movement Sochi-2014. TV presenter, sports commentator.


Born into the family of Albert and Zulfiya Utyashev, a historian and librarian. Bashkir by nationality [1].

In 1989 the family moved to Volgograd. The parents intended to send Laysan to a ballet school, but quite by accident, in the queue to the store, the girl was noticed by the gymnastics coach Nadezhda Kasyanova, noting the extraordinary flexibility of the joints. Since 1994 she studied with Tatyana Sorokina. In 1997 she moved to Moscow, trained under the guidance of Alla Yanina and Oksana Skaldina. In 1999, Laysan Utyasheva was awarded the title of Master of Sports.

In 2000 she became the silver medalist of the tournament in memory of Oksana Kostina. 2001 and 2002 saw the most significant victories of the athlete. In September 2001, Laysan became the absolute winner in all six disciplines at the World Cup in Berlin, in October of the same year she won gold at the World Championship in Madrid in the team championship [source not specified 747 days]. The athlete was awarded the title of international master of sports.

Since 2002, Utyasheva has trained under the guidance of Irina Viner and Vera Shatalina. After the second place at the international tournament in Slovenia in May, she became the winner of the unofficial world championship in France, in the city of Corbei-Esón. In June she became the winner of the Youth Games in Moscow in all-around and in three events (rope, ball, club). In September 2002, at demonstration performances in Samara, due to an unsuccessful landing on poorly prepared mats, she beat off her foot. Examination of the injury did not reveal, and Utyasheva continued to compete, which only exacerbated the situation. The athlete repeatedly complained of pain in her legs, but repeated examinations did not reveal anything, which gave the ill-wishers reasons to assert that Utyasheva was faking an injury.

In December 2002, after the World Cup stage, Irina Viner contributed to a comprehensive examination of the gymnast’s condition in a clinic in Germany. As a result of magnetic tomography, a diagnosis was made: multiple fractures of the scaphoid bone of one leg and a discrepancy due to the constant transfer of load to the bones of the foot of the other leg. There was a fear that the athlete would not only be forced to end her career, but would also not be able to walk. However, thanks to a successful operation performed by Russian surgeons, Laysan was able to return to sports. In 2004 she returned to the Russian national team, became the European champion in team competitions, won international tournaments in Latvia and France. She was going to perform at least until the Beijing Olympics, but in April 2006, after consulting with Irina Viner, Utyasheva decided to leave the sport.

After completing her career, Utyasheva became the co-host of the “Main Road” program on the NTV channel, and she conducts the morning broadcast on the same channel. He also hosts the TV show “Fitness with the Stars” on the “Live!” TV channel. In May 2007 she made her debut with a solo part in the ballet Bolero at the Novaya Opera Theater.

In August 2008, Utyasheva presented her autobiographical novel Unbroken.

In November 2009, Laysan Utyasheva’s dance show “Sign of Infinity” premiered.

Since 2010, in the program of the NTV channel “NTV in the morning” has been conducting a section dedicated to morning exercises, which is traditional for morning programs.

Laysan hosts the Personal Trainer program on the Sport Plus TV channel.

Since October 15, 2011 Laysan’s author’s program “Beauty Academy with Laysan Utyasheva” was launched on the NTV channel.

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