Mamun Margarita

Margarita Mamuun  (November 1, 1995, Moscow) – Russian gymnast, two-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics in 2013, two-time European champion in 2013, four-time winner of the 2013 Universiade in Kazan.



Margarita Mamun was born on November 1, 1995 in Moscow. She is half Russian, half Bengal. Her father is from Bangladesh. It is the eastern roots that her coach explains the expressiveness, lyricism and plasticity of Mamun. Rita, at the age of seven, began going to the gymnastics section, where her mother took her, since the Olympic village is located not far from their home. She consciously began to prepare for a career as a gymnast from the age of eleven. Trained under the guidance of coach Amina Zaripova. In the SDYUSSHOR she trained under the guidance of Natalya Valentinovna Kukushkina. In the national team, Mamun’s mentor is Irina Aleksandrovna Viner-Usmanova.

In 2005, as part of Karolina Sevastyanova’s team, she took part in the Miss Valentine Cup, held in the Estonian city of Tartu. For a short time, Margarita took part in competitions for the Bangladesh team, but soon made the final decision to play for Russia.


Mamun achieved her first big successes in 2011, when she became the champion of Russia in exercises with clubs, a ball and a hoop. Also, Margarita became the champion of Russia in the all-around. Margarita began to be involved in training with the national team in Novogorsk. In the same year, she was sent to competitions in Montreal, where the World Cup stage was held. Mamun, with a score of 106.925 points, took third place in the all-around and for the first time in her career rose to the adult podium. In the exercises with the ball, Rita scored 27.025 points and took first place.


In 2012, at the stage of the World Cup in Kiev, Mamun won three bronze medals: in exercises with a ribbon, ball and clubs. In the same year, Margarita became the absolute champion of Russia, repeating her last year’s success a year later. At the competitions in Tashkent, Rita stopped one step away from the podium, scoring 113,200 points in the sum of all exercises and taking 4th place.

In 2013, Mamun became the champion of Russia for the third time. On the eve of the first tournament of the Grand Prix series, Irina Viner announced an update in the Russian team (in addition to Mamun, it included Alexandra Merkulova, Elizaveta Nazarenkova, Anna Trubnikova, Daria Svatkovskaya and Maria Titova) and named Margarita the leader of the Russian national team.

She opened the season with a gold medal in the all-around at the Grand Prix in Moscow. She conquered the first step of the podium in exercises with clubs, a ball and a hoop, and in exercises with a ribbon Mamun took third place. At the next stage of the Grand Prix in Thieux, Margarita won all possible gold medals: in exercises with a ribbon, ball, clubs, hoop and all-around. Rita finished identically at the second stage of the World Cup in Lisbon.

Soon, Mamun took part in her first European Championship, which was held in Vienna. As part of the team, together with Daria Svatkovskaya and Yana Kudryavtseva, she won gold medals. In the individual standings, she took first place in exercises with a ribbon and three times became second in exercises with clubs, a hoop and a ball. In July 2013, at the Universiade in Kazan, Margarita won gold in the exercise with a hoop [6] , ribbon, clubs, as well as in individual all-around, gaining 73.466 points.

At the World Cup final in St. Petersburg, Mamun won gold in the all-around, exercises with clubs, hoop and ribbon, she won silver in exercises with a ball.

At her debut World Championship in Kiev in 2013, Margarita was considered the main favorite. She won two golds in exercises with a ball and clubs, a bronze with a hoop. But in the final of the ribbon exercise, she made a gross mistake and eventually became the fifth. In the all-around final, Margarita made many mistakes and, as a result, took only sixth place.


2013HoopDoña Francisquita – Fandango
by Maria Bayo, Plácido Domingo, Alfredo Kraus
BallNocturne in C sharp minor by  Frédéric Chopin
ClubsI Love Paris by  Peter Cincotti
ribbonEcho of Love  Anna German
2012HoopLa Boheme (instrumental) by  Charles Aznavour
BallSong from a Secret Garden by  Secret Garden
ClubsAndalucia / Taliquete by  Bill Whelan / Miguel Czachowski
Ribbon (second)Ne Me Quitte Pas by  Jacques Brel
Ribbon (first)“Money Money Money” music from royal philharmonic orchestra plays Pink Floyd
by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
ClubsCaravane / Der Bauch / Istikhbar
by Radar / MC Sultan / Gnawa Diffusion
BallSong from a Secret Garden by  Secret Garden
ribbonTombe la neige by  Raymond Lefevre

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