Kudryavtseva Yana Alekseevna

Yana Alekseevna Kudryavtseva  (September 30, 1997, Moscow, Russian gymnast, three-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics in 2013, three-time European champion in 2013, the youngest absolute world champion in the history of rhythmic gymnastics.


Yana is the daughter of the famous swimmer, 1992 Olympic champion Alexei Kudryavtsev, and his wife Victoria.

Kudryavtseva’s sports career started in 2008: she won national junior tournaments, including the Russian junior championship in 2009 in Dmitrov, in 2011 in Samara and in 2012 in Kazan.

Yana began performing at international competitions in the 2011 season. She won the 2011 Junior World Cup. In 2012, at the European Championships, she became the champion among juniors in the exercise with the ball, and also won gold in the team all-around together with Yulia Sinitsyna, Alexandra Soldatova and Diana Borisova.


Kudryavtseva began performing in adult competitions in 2013 at the international tournament among seniors, held as part of the Grand Prix stage in Moscow, as well as at the next stage in Holon, where she won the all-around, exercises with clubs and ball and bronze in the exercise with hoop.

Then she took part in the World Cup stage in Sofia, where she took first place in the all-around and became the first gymnast to win the World Cup stage in her debut season, ahead of the Bulgarian Sylvia Miteva and teammate Margarita Mamun [3] . She also won the hoop and clubs exercises and won bronze in the ribbon exercises. At the stage of the World Cup in Minsk, Yana won the second consecutive gold medal in the all-around, as well as gold in ball exercises and silver in clubs exercises.

At the European Championships in Vienna in 2013, she replaced Alexandra Merkulova and, together with her teammates, Margarita Mamun and Daria Svatkovskaya, won the gold medal in the team all-around. In the finals of certain types, she excelled in exercises with the ball (the first of all the athletes to receive a total of 19 points under the new refereeing system) and clubs. Yana became the youngest European champion, just like Alina Kabaeva, who also won her first European Championship at the age of 15.

The first World Cup final was held for Yana in St. Petersburg in 2013, where she won bronze in the all-around, as well as a gold medal in ball exercises and silver in exercises with ribbons and clubs.

In August 2013, Yana made her debut at the World Championships in Kiev. During qualification in exercises with a ribbon, as a result of technical failures, the music was repeatedly interrupted, and Yana had to perform again, which did not prevent her from becoming the first in this form with a score of 18.516. In addition, Kudryavtseva won the gold medal in the clubs exercise, sharing this award with her compatriot Margarita Mamun, and became the silver medalist in the ball and hoop exercises. In the final of the individual all-around Yana won gold, beating the Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova and Melitina Staniuta from Belarus and thus becoming the youngest absolute world champion at the age of 15.


• The youngest gymnast to become the absolute world champion (at the age of 15). The record previously belonged to Alina Kabaeva (Russia) and Elena Karpukhina (USSR), who won the all-around at the age of 16.

• First gymnast to win an individual all-around in her debut season.


2013BallNocturne No. 2 Op. 9 in E Flat Major by Chopin
Hoop“One, two, I love you” Nadezhda Babkina
ClubsVendetta Sciliana, Mill by Angelo Petisi Orchestra and Tarantella
Ribbon (second)“Padam Padam” by Mireille Mathieu
Ribbon (first)La Foule by Edith Piaf
2012Ball“Ding-ding-ding” Oleg Pogudin
Hoop ?
Clubs ?
ribbonThis Is Halloween music from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman
2011BallKuckucksjodler by Mondscheintrio
HoopTarantella Napoletana – The Godfather Players
Clubs ?
ribbon“Hopak” from the ballet “Gayane” Aram Khachaturian
2010BallThe Yodel Song
HoopTarantella Napoletana – The Godfather Players
ClubsRussian traditional
Skipping rope ?

Sports achivments

The Senior Team Championship is held only at the European, World and some international championships.

2013AEON Cup11    
World Championship: Kiev1NT2121
World Cup Final: St. Petersburg3 1210 (Q)2
European Championship: Vienna 114 1
World Cup: Minsk1 1212 (Q)2
World Cup: Sofia1 3311
Kalamata Cup1 1221
Grand Prix: Holon1 1331
Grand Prix: Moscow2     
2012European Championship: Nizhny Novgorod 11   
World Cup: Kiev 11   
World Cup: Pesaro 11   
Grand Prix: Moscow 11  1
2011World Cup: Pesaro111111
Grand Prix: Moscow 1  11
Q = Not qualified. Only the top 8 advance to the final
NT = No team competition

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