Kapranova Olga Sergeevna

Olga Sergeevna Kapranova  (December 6, 1987, Moscow, USSR) – Russian athlete, represented rhythmic gymnastics in individual exercises. Multiple world and European champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia.


She began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 7 under the guidance of coach E. Yu. Nefedova. In 2000 she was invited by Irina Viner to the Olympic training center.

Since 2003 Olga has been making notable successes at various international tournaments, performing in the individual category. Since that time, she really claimed the place of “gymnast No. 1” in the Russian national team. Great competition from other gymnasts and a number of failures (first of all, at the Beijing Olympics, where Kapranova was second after qualifying, but eventually took 4th place), led Olga to decide to end her sports career back in 2008 year. However, the coach of the national team Irina Vinner insisted that Kapranova continue her performances until the 2009 World Cup.

Throughout 2009, Kapranova performed unevenly, alternating between brilliant victories and failures. So, at the stage of the World Cup in Maribor, in the absence of the new star of rhythmic gymnastics, Evgenia Kanaeva, she won three gold medals. And at the World Championships in Japanese Ise (Mie Prefecture), where Kanaeva took all the “gold”, Olga did not manage to rise to the podium in individual disciplines. However, she was able to win her tenth world champion medal in the team competition. In December 2009, Olga Kapranova’s retirement from sports was announced. [2]. Since 2010 he has been engaged in coaching activities.

Sports results

– World Championship, Budapest, 1st place – team

– World Cup stage, Baku, 3rd place – ribbon, individual all-around
– World Cup stage, Sharq Guzali-2004 (Beauty of the East-2004) tournament, Tashkent, 1st place – ribbon, clubs, ball ; 2nd place – hoop; 3rd place – individual all-around
 – World Cup final, Moscow, 3rd place – clubs, hoop, ribbon.

– World Championship, Baku, 1st place – ball, clubs, rope, individual all-around, team
– European Championship, Moscow, 1st place – ball, team; 2nd place – clubs, jump rope
– World Gymnastic Games Duisburg, 1st place – ball, clubs
– World Cup stage, Sharq Guzali 2005 tournament (Beauty of the East 2005), Tashkent, 1st place – clubs; 2nd place – ribbon
 – World Cup stage, Corbeil-Esson, 3rd place – ribbon.

– World Cup final, Mie, 2nd place – clubs
– Oksana Kostina Memorial, Irkutsk, 1st place – ball, clubs; 2nd place – ribbon, jump rope

– European Championship, Baku, 1st place – hoop, 2nd – clubs; 3rd – rope
– World Championship, Patras, 1st place – team, hoop, clubs; 2nd place – rope; 3rd place – individual all-around
– World Cup stage, Kiev, 1st place – clubs; 2nd – hoop, 3rd – rope
– World Cup stage, Ljubljana, 2nd place – ribbon; 3rd place – hoop, clubs
– World Cup stage, Portimão (district), 1st place – hoop

– Olympic Games, Beijing, 4th place – individual all-around
– European Championship, Turin, 3rd place – individual all-around
– World Cup stage, Kiev, 2nd place – rope, hoop; 3rd place – ribbon
– World Cup stage, Maribor, 1st place – hoop; 2nd place – rope, ribbon
– World Cup stage, Minsk, 1st place – ribbon, hoop; 3rd place – rope
– World Cup stage, Portimão (district), 2nd place – clubs, hoop, rope
– World Cup final, Benidorm, 2nd place – rope; 3rd place of the club
– Memorial of Oksana Kostina, Irkutsk, 2nd place – rope, clubs

– World Championship, Mie, 1st place – team
– European Championship, Baku, 1st place – team
– World Cup stage, Budapest, 2nd place – ball
– World Cup stage, St. Petersburg, 2nd place – ball
– stage of the World Cup, Kiev, 2nd place – hoop; 3rd place – rope
– World Cup stage, Maribor, 1st place – ball, ribbon, rope
– World Cup final, Minsk, 2nd place – hoop

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