Deriugina Cup 2012 (second day). Russian woman Daria Dmitrieva won the all-around

he second day of the rhythmic gymnastics festival called the 2012 Deriugina Cup has come to an end. The competition picked up speed and reached the home stretch. What was this day interesting for?

The most important thing is that the first sets of medals were played. But first things first.

First, the juniors ended up sorting things out. The Russians were again, so to speak, a little more accurate than the Ukrainian national team and won with a difference of 1,250 points, the third was the Azerbaijani national team.

The next to enter the fight were the seniors who did not participate in the main tournament. We competed in exercises with a hoop and a ball. Here, the main struggle unfolded between Russian Anna Trubnikova and Ukrainian  Tatyana Zagorodnya . Both gymnasts performed quite well. Despite the frenzied support of her fans,  Tatyana Zagorodnyaya  failed to beat the Russian woman on the basis of two exercises, losing just over 1 point. The more interesting the fight will be on the last day of the competition, and Anya Trubnikova’s fans  will be able to see if the athlete managed to overcome the black stripe that followed her at the last starts.

Results after 2 types:

And, as they say, for a snack, lovers of rhythmic gymnastics received the long-awaited end of the all-around fight between Russian Daria Dmitrieva and Ukrainian Alina Maksimenko. After the first day of the competition (hoop, ball)  Maksimenko  lagged behind her rival by 1,025 points. The gap is not critical, but given the class of the opponent, the last 2 types (clubs and ribbon) Alina needed to be done flawlessly. But unfortunately for the Ukrainian, the mistakes in the ribbon exercise and the loss in clubs put Maksimenko in a solid second position. Dmitrieva  , on the other hand, did her exercises almost flawlessly, having received 28.950 and 29.050 points from the judges, and confidently won the all-around. The third was Ukrainian Anna Rizatdinova, who performed quite smoothly in all forms.

All-around results:

As for the other two Ukrainian women,  Victoria Mazur  and  Victoria Shinkarenko , they performed at their own level. But if there are no questions for  Mazur , who is preparing for the Olympics in group exercises, since she is now more focused on the group. Shinkarenko, for the  time being, is not frankly drawn to the praises sung in her honor. Maybe Victoria is not guilty here – this is her level. Then it is not clear why coaches focus so much on it. Is it only because of external data?

Frankly speaking, Shinkarenko’s peers, the German Berezko-McGardner  and the Belarusian  Arina Sharapa , look better  . They are more technical, both in working with the object and in the difficulty of the body and, as it seemed, more confident in themselves. In a word, time will tell, but today such a fact takes place.

On Sunday, the senior women will finish the club and ribbon competition, and the group and individual finals will also take place.

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