Anna Rizatdinova – winner of the 2015 Grand Prix in Thieux

From March 21 to March 22, the traditional international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics “Grand Prix Tier-2015” was held in the French Thiers. The victory in the all-around and in three of the four finals was won by Ukrainian Anna Rizatdinova. Ksenia Mustafayeva, a gymnast from France, won the second place in the all-around and three bronze medals in the finals. Neta Rivkin, representing Israel, became the third in the all-around, the champion in the final with a hoop and the silver medalist in the final performance with the ball. Also, three medals (two silver and one bronze) are being brought home by Marina Durunda from Azerbaijan.

Hoop (final)
Neta Rivkin ISR 18.150 
Ganna Rizatdinova UKR 17.733 
Marina Durunda AZE 17.700 
Victoria Veinberg Filanovski ISR ​​17.350 
Nicol Ruprecht AUT 17.233 
Elizaveta Nazarenko UZB 17.067 
Veronika Poliakova RUS 16.067 
Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA (  ball)

Ganna Rizatdinova UKR 17.850 
Neta Rivkin ISR 17.650 
Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.633 
Elizaveta Nazarenko UZB 17.600 
Yulia Sinitsyna RUS 17.467 
Marina Durunda AZE 17.433 
Victoria Veinberg Filanovski ISR ​​17.417 
Veronika Poliakova (RUS 16.683 ) Clubs 

Ganna Rizatdinova UKR 17.883 
Marina Durunda AZE 17.883 
Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.767 
Veronika Polyakova RUS 17.667 
Elizaveta Nazarenkova UZB 17.667 
Viktoria Mazur UKR 17.400 
Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.333 
Nicol Ruprecht AUT 17.200  Ribbon (final)

Ganna Rizatdinova UKR 17.900 
Marina Durunda AZE 17.767 
Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.750 
Elizaveta Nazarenkova UZB 17.617 
Katsiaryna Halkina BLR 17.517 
Yulia Sinitsyna RUS 17.500 
Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.333 
Nicol Ruprecht AUTL 17.233  bands 5 ribbons

Ukraine UKR 16,550 
Espagne ESP 16,450 
Ouzbékistan UZB 16,400 
France FRA 15,850 
Azerbaïdjan AZE 15,833 
Etats-Unis USA 14,600 
Hongrie HUN 14,133 
Israël ISR 14,083  6 clubs and 2 hoops (final, groups)

Israël ISR 17.400 
France FRA 16.950 
Azerbaïdjan AZE 16.600 
Ukraine UKR 15.883 
Etats-Unis USA 15.567 
Ouzbékistan UZB 15.267 
Hongrie HUN 14.317 
Espagne ESP 13.667

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